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African American hair is beautiful and has unique requirements. However, just 20 years ago there were very few high-quality products available that addressed the hair care needs of women of color. And most of the products on the market back then did not empower women of color to reveal their true confidence and beauty. Enter Alberto-Culver. The renowned company wanted to change the nature of the ethnic hair care market by introducing a new brand that not only made a woman of color look fabulous - it made her feel fabulous too. Alberto-Culver was one of the first companies to fill a crucial need for African American women - offer high-quality hair care specifically created for ethnic hair of all types and textures. The visionary direction of Rohn Hamel and Uyi Woghiren led a development team that understood that women of color invested a lot of time at the salon. The pioneering team knew the symbiotic relationship that existed between a woman and her stylist, thus creating Motions in 1993.

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